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Living the Chai Life!


Here is a growing list of famous musicians who were former Chai Notes members...


Chad Lefkowitz-Brown. Now playing with Taylor Swift, I met this
amazing (and humble) saxophonist played when I first heard him playing
by at 72nd steet subway and was blown away. Chad played with us for
almost 2 years before he was discovered by Taylor. I wanted him to ask
Taylor if she likes klezmer, but still waiting to hear back.





Victor Prieto, Victor was just nominated for a 2014 grammy! Victor
plays very passionately, and could really tear up a bulgar. But, I
personally think Victor's favorite part of bnai mitzvahs were the
candlelighting ceremonies, inside joke.





Jo Lawry, We played very few gigs with Jo before she was quickly
picked up by Sting, but we will brag about her singing b'nai mitzvahs with

The Chai Notes anyway.






Andrew Gould, before being a finalist at the Monk Jazz Contest, Andy,
played with the Chai Notes. In fact, I'll tell you a secret, Andy is
the nephew of none other than famous clarinetist and mandolinist
religious Jewish bluegrass player, the one, the only...Andy Statman.



Who will be the next Chai Note to become famous, so book us now, loll!!


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