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We truly consider it an honor and a privilege each time we are invited into the lives of other's families. A wedding is not just a "gig" to us. We work with you throughout the wedding planning process to make sure your special day is true to your visions and everything you had dreamed it would be, and more. From the time you hire us, we start working with you to plan the event. We form special connections with our couples that last long after the event. We feel that having us play for your wedding is b'shert.
There are few bands (in Florida especially) who can play really good Klezmer and Jewish music but also really good pop and dance/party music that people want to dance to. We do both well. This is a niche that we are able to fill and a big reason why people want to hire us. Some party bands cannot play a "real" hora or play Klezmer music with any authenticity beyond a cheesy Hava Nagila played over and over...With The Chai Notes, all of our musicians are extremely versatile, each a truly amazing player with extremely high musicianship. Each of us a virtuoso with high level musicianship who "speaks" the language of music. We can play any song from the Jewish repertoire (from any of the religious movements, Chassidic to Reform) and then we can branch out into the pop and party music that people also wanna hear and dance to...
Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Let's Talk.​
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