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The Chai Notes are a hit at bar and bat mitvahs!...In addition to great live music, we DJ, we juggle, we do magic, we play fun games with BOTH the young adults (and not so young adults), limbo, dance contests, freeze dance, hula hoops, coke and pepsi, name that tune, prizes, etc. We get everyone on the dance floor celebrating together!Some bands don't realize that bnai mitzvahs are not just a kids party that adults are invited to watch, and they are not just adult party that the kids will find boring. Rather, bnai mitzvahs are celebrations for everyone to enjoy together! However, it is an art to make this happen. We have the experience of performing for hundreds of bnai mitzvahs and know how to make the magic happen, literally and metophorically.
Sometimes the bnai mitzvah boy or girl thinks the party won't be "cool" if they have a "klezmer" band and want a DJ. However, we show up, DJ songs, even play along live with the DJ'd tracks, play games with the kids, and play some tunes for the adults, and everyone has a blast....A DJ is really just a guy with an ipod who presses the start button. We are so much more than that. You also have to know what song to play when, and how to feel the crowd, and keep the night moving! We have the same professional DJ equipment, fancy lights etc.
Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Let's Talk.​
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